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Re: OT - mysql for sparc64

On Mon, Nov 25, 2002 at 05:41:58PM -0000, scott wrote:
> hi
> I've just replaced an i386 based OpenBSD 3.1 box for a Sparc64 based
> Ultra 10
> I've replecated the setup on the sparc64 box almost 100%, except I don't
> seem to be able to locate a package or working port for MySQL
> I've had a quick scan of the mailing lists, searching for Sparc64 and
> MySQL, but not really getting anything back that helps
> the port (which I cvs'd today) is trying to build 3.23.49, but won't
> build because it says that thread is untested with sparc64
> any ideas how I can get MySQL of some version onto this box ? would an
> earlier version work, and if so could I regress the port for MySQL ? or
> should I bite the bullet and build MySQL from source ?
> advice ?
> thankyou
> _scott

At one point there was an issue compiling MySQL on sparc64, I don't
know if the issue was with binutils or what but you could try adding
sparc64 to the WORKING_ARCHS variable at the top of the Makefile. If
that doesn't work then you're out of luck. Trying to compile from source
will not change the situation.

// Brad