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Re: Collective OT BIOS help AND an aside smtp question

Elijah Savage III wrote:

> All,
> I have been terribly pleased with openbsd 3.2 I was using it as a mail
> gateway with postifx on a pentium pro 200 with 1 gig of memory serving
> about 3800 users on the network. Well I wanted to add a larger harddrive
> than what I have in it now only 6.4 gig. Well the machine would not see
> it and for some reason after hours and hours of trying I can't get a
> tekram 395UW and a 18gig scsi to be the boot drive so I was stuck with
> IDE. I finally got tired of it being this way and decided to flash the
> motherboard which is a Micronics Invader ATX m8s-fin motherboard. Well
> dumb me I flashed it with the wrong bios. And I can't find the original
> bios on the net anywhere do any of you all have this motherboard and can
> send me the bios for it or possibly know where I can find it. Any of
> your help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you

if you can boot from an fdd of the mobo with the wrong bios i'd say keep
looking for the bios.
if not, and maybe even ANYWAY, you might want to look for a different
equivalent, or better, mobo, for cheap!

looks like paying < $40.00 for a mobo that serves 3800 users would not be
bad (compgeeks.com, etc).  That's less than $0.01/account!  A spare
would not be bad either.

good luck

also, does anyone else find it expensive to do fqdn on all incoming smtp traffic?
i can understand the need for accountability from real registered hosts,
but i'd guess millions will not have reverse dns entries.
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