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3.2 install lockup on Proliant 850R (MAKEDEV)

     I am attempting to install OpenBSD 3.2 on a Compaq Proliant 850R
(Single PPro 200, 128MB RAM, SmartArray 2P), and for no obvious reason,
the installation process locks up during the MAKEDEV all stage at the
end. I tried the same thing with v3.1, with the same result. The machine
had been running fine under Debian Linux 3.0 for quite a while, so I
tend to think that the hardware is OK.

     I was unable to find any references to this type of problem in the
FAQ or the maillist archives, so I thought to send it to this list to
see if anyone knew of an issue that could cause this or if anyone here
has exprienced a similar problem. Any assistance or suggestions would be
greatly appreciated.

-Matthew Farley

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