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/etc/fstab (swap and cdrom)

Hello List

I'm runnning a OBSD 3.2 on a SS5 and have some questions to the /etc/fstab

Is there a reason why the swap-partition isn't in the /etc/fstab ?
( In NetBSD 1.6 on same machine it is. )

Why does the following line not work to mount my CD-ROM ?
( I've read the man pages and proceeded as written in it. )

/dev/cd0a  /cdrom  cd9660  ro,noauto  0  0
mount /cdrom says: unknown special file or filesystem

If i do it with mount_cd9660 it works fine.

/cdrom directory has the same rights as the directories in /

(On the same machine with NetBSD 1.6 it works.)


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