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Re: Serial Console wierdness

On Wednesday, Nov 20, 2002, at 14:47 US/Pacific, Jason Dixon wrote:

On Wed, 2002-11-20 at 17:38, Greg Thomas wrote:
On Wednesday, Nov 20, 2002, at 14:19 US/Pacific, Jason Dixon wrote:
That was it!  Thank you!

Unfortunately, I still can't get login to work properly. I'll give the
username, press enter... sometimes it returns a password prompt,
sometimes it doesn't. A second enter brings back the login prompt. If
it does give the password prompt, I give the password, press enter...
same thing. Either it takes it and does nothing, or I have to press
enter a 2nd time, and it spits out "Login incorrect". I've tried
various speeds, nothing seems to help.

Ok, try turning off console in /etc/ttys. I think you had mentioned that you had tty01, tty00, and console on.

You guys are the best. Where shall I send the beer? :)

Send some Sierra Nevada (maybe the FAQ should include each developer's preferences for gifts) to an OpenBSD developer. :-)


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