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Re: unknown facility name "ssh" ???

On Tue, 2002-11-19 at 16:30:25 -0500, Ron A. Ames, II wrote...

: syslogd: unknown facility name "ssh"
:     Anyone know why I would be getting this? I don't see any kind of problems
: ssh'ing into my box, and this error doesn't occur when an ssh session is
: established. I've even locked down port 22 and this still happens.

Let's see...if the error is syslogd...

mickey% man -k syslog
Sys::Syslog, openlog, closelog, setlogmask, syslog (3p) - Perl
interface to the UNIX syslog(3) calls
newsyslog (8) - maintain system log files to manageable sizes
syslog, syslog_r, vsyslog, vsyslog_r, openlog, openlog_r, closelog,
closelog_r, setlogmask, setlogmask_r (3) - control system log
syslog.conf (5) - syslogd(8) configuration file
syslogd (8) - log systems messages

Why don't you start there and see what you come up with?


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