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Re: problem with openbsd3.2 cd-sets

sorry, i wrote a wrong command (tar xvfz /mnt/cdrom/ports.tar.gz /usr/ports).
but there are still the errors during the installation.

> hello!
> i bought the openbsd3.2 cd's.
> but during the installation i get a load errors like this "# tar: Invalid
> header, starting valid header search.".
> the system "works" after the installtion.
> later i want install the portage from cd3.
> i mounted it and gave this command to the system "tar xvfz
> /mnt/cdrom/ports.tar.gz /usr/ports".
> after a few seconds came the error again.
> after tar was't anything in /usr/ports :(
> made i a mistake?
> thanx,
> richard weinberger