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MAC filter


I'm sorry to bother you with this again, but I have my reasons :)
I'm unable to start a bridge (oh my, not again) If this is making you 
angry, do not read it. :)

I've read bridge, brconfig man pages several times, read the mailing list 
archives at neophasis , but didn't find any simple example how to do it.

I have dc0 as my external and dc1 as my internal interface with PF/NAT
running already.

brconfig bridge1 add dc1 up
brconfig bridge1 maxaddr 2000
brconfig bridge1 rule block in on dc1
brconfig bridge1 rule block out on dc1

nothing happens and I am still able to access internet from the internal 

I've read (mailing list archives, newsgroups, etc) many about this
but all was only about why I should or should not use the bridge as a MAC 
filter. :)

I just want to run one and I have my reasons as I mentioned above :)

Thank you...

					 That's all folks...

					 Peter Huncar