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ports.html doesn't have a link to 3.2 packages

I've just installed 3.2 (in place of my previous 3.1-stable), and I've
sent in my dmesg, so the next step is to grab my favorite packages.
Alas,  http://www.openbsd.org/ports.html#Get  has links to the web
package links for 3.1 and earlier versions, but not for 3.2.  Moreover,
substituing 3.2 for 3.1 in the 3.1 web-package-list url gives a 404
not found error.  Is this an oversight, or a deliberate (new) policy?
And if the latter, can someone point me to the FM I should have R-ed
to learn about this?  I've perused the usual places on the web site
but haven't found anything yet, nor did my searches in the misc- mailing
list archives turn up anything.

[3.2 packages themselves are available from the ftp mirror sites, and
I presume they'll be on my CD set when it arrives; my question here is
"just" about the nice web packages lists that are available for the
older releases, but not apparently for 3.2.]


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