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Re: Diskless Booting Of Intel Boxen - PXE ?


>    Has anyone had any success in doing a diskless boot of OpenBSD
> on boxes with fxp  or sis cards ? I've been looking through diskless(8)
Yes, I'm typing this on a discless box.

Short answer: you need a slightly hacked version of grub (I forget who
did it) which is on the Web somewhere, Google or check the archives.  I
can sent it to you if you can't find it there.

Use dhcp to send the grub file to the Intel card, Grub will try and load
/bsd from yor tftp server.  The bsd you need is a kernel build from the
DISKLESS conf file.

You'll need a directory on your disc server to act as the local hard
disc for for the disclesss box.  So you'll need NFS as well.  To populate this
disc area with files, well, I'm not sure of the best way.  One way to do it is
to tar xvfzp the distribution files into it, then run a MAKEDEV all in the
dev directory, but don't quote me on that.

There's a few other bits of fiddling to do, I can't remember exactly since
it was a while since I did it.  But consider that a start. :o)


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