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nat question


I think I just need a little shove in the right direction here. I've
read both the FAQ and man pages, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

I'm trying to setup my nat rules so that I can type
	$telnet locahost 119 
and have it connect me to my ISP's news server.
I have to three rules in my nat.conf

rdr on lo0 from lo0 to port 119 -> news.myisp.net port 119
nat on $ExtInt from lo0 to news.myisp.net port 119 -> $ExtInt
#For my internal lan
nat on $ExtInt from $IntNet to any -> $ExtInt

Now from what I understand the first line should translate the
destination of the outgoing packet to my news server and the second line
translate its source address so that it looks like its coming from my
external IP address instead of State should be created for
both nats. When I try to telnet to localhost 119, this is what my state
table shows. Ive changed the IP's because I'm paranoid.

tcp 233.774.3.44:119 <- <-      

tcp -> -> 233.774.3.44:119      

233.774.3.44 is the news server. is my external IP.
Shouldn't everything come back to the right place because state is

nat on $ExtInt from news.myisp.net to lo0 -> lo0

Please help me understand whats going on here. My head is spinning. 
Thanks in advance

Chris - ccortner_(_at_)_cvol_(_dot_)_net

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