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Re: standalone imap servers

At 09:41 AM 11/16/2002 -0800, Chuck Yerkes wrote:
Quoting Telent (telent_(_at_)_mordac_(_dot_)_info):
> I'm looking for a standalone imap server that (preferably) builds on
> OpenBSD without tweaking.  courier uses maildir, which is no good.
> uw-imap runs exclusively through inetd.  cyrus is designed for use on
> sealed systems, and this is most emphatically not one.
> Aside from those "big three", can anyone give me some recommendations?

Define "stand-alone" please.

Cyrus is just lovely. You deliver to it, you use IMAP to get from
it.  No unix users - just mail users.  How more standalone is there?

I agree. I am more in favor of courier. Believe it or not, maildir via imap is blazingly faster than with /var/spool mbox type of delivery. See http://www.courier-mta.org/mbox-vs-maildir/

PS - Why is maildir no good?

As far as UW, it may not scale as well as cyrus, it requires mail
users to be unix users, but you can find plenty of wrappers to serve
it instead of inetd.

wu-imap is ugly slow beast which takes up immense amount of memory. I have about 10,000 messages in one mailbox. With courier it takes less than an minute to scan them. With wu-imap...well lets not go there...

Me?  I use Sendmail (Inc)'s IMAP server which is cyrus with performance
tweaks and a GUI.

Is this commercial?


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