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VPN and PF (not what ya think)

I have had very good luck over the last week or so getting IPSec to
work, and making tunnels between two OBSD boxes.  However I now have to
apply my new found knowledge to my production network.  Searches on
google have found me plenty of knowledge on both sides, but nothing on
really putting my situation together.  Here is what I want to do... On
my firewall I want to run IPSec along with PF.  Is it possible to use
both on the same box and route traffic accordingly?  For instance,
properly nat'ing outbound web traffic, but sending internal traffic
across a IPSec tunnel without nat'ing it?  Perhaps just some suggestions
on where to look next would be helpful.  I have PF running great, and I
have IPSec runnign great, but I don't think I understand how to get the
two to work together to route traffic properly.  Any feedback would be
great!  Feel free to take this offline if you think it is not relevant
to the list.

Geoff Sweet