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Re: Apache, ld.so, and PHP4 problem

On Wednesday, Nov 13, 2002, at 23:58 US/Pacific, Chor Teik Joon wrote:

I had to do a similar 3.0-stable to 3.2-stable upgrade yesterday, hard disk died.

There have been some changes to the PHP port, FLAVOR(s) have been made modular,

root_(_at_)_gohjira:/var/www/conf # pkg_info | grep php
php4-core-4.2.3    server-side HTML-embedded scripting language
php4-mysql-4.2.3   mysql database access extensions for php4

so they can be swapped in an out. Way cleaner.

I used the packages, since I didn't have time. Also, you'll need to enable php-core and php-* modules with /usr/local/sbin/phpxs.

Thanks Joon, phpxs was it. I'd figured out the new PHP modules on my test machine but just forgot to do phpxs -s on my production machine.


At 11:38 PM 11/13/2002 -0800, Greg Thomas wrote:
Ok, I'll try to keep this short. I got 3.2-stable up and running on one machine with PHP4 and several ports working.

I went through the steps to make a release.

I installed this 3.2-stable release on my production machine running
3.0-stable. After a re-boot except for one mistake in /etc everything was fine so I added packages from the ports I had created on my build machine.

But for some reason I've got a nagging problem where Apache and PHP are looking for an old libc-client library:

$ sudo apachectl start
/usr/libexec/ld.so: httpd: libc-client.so.3.0: No such file or directory
/usr/sbin/apachectl start: httpd could not be started

I've currently linked libc-client.so.3.0 to libc-client.so.4.0 and PHP seems to be working for now. But why is PHP looking for the old library, I can't see anywhere where I've got old Apache or PHP-related executables and libraries? Where should I be looking?

Apache also starts fine if I don't load the PHP module.

Thanks, Greg

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