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It Is Me Moroka.!!!!

Mineralia Centre
391 Andries Stree
>From Alex Moroka
I would like to begin by way of introduction My name is Alex Moroka native of
South Africa I am a senior employee of South Africa Department of Energy and
Mineral Resources You were introduced to us in confidence through the South
African Chambers of Commerce and Foreign trade division I am writing this
letter to solicit your co-operation in order to redeem an investment currently
held under trust with the Department of Energy and Mineral Resources of South
Africa The said investment now valued at USD$26.426M Twenty six million four
hundred and twenty six thousand American dollars was originally purchased by
one Mr Dwight Ausserer and leased to the Transvaal Orange Mining Corporation
in 1977
Since the maturity of this contract in September 1997several attempts have
been made without success to contact Mr Dwight Ausserer or any of his close
relatives in whose favor the investment cash value can be paid My partner who
is the Account Director in the same Ministry and I have initiated the process
of filing a claim for this money with the hope of having the funds transferred
to you In order to do this we will swear an affidavit in the High Court of my
country stating that you are a distant cousin and next of kin to Mr Dwight
Ausserer the owner of the money After which we will file a claim for this
money from the Department of Energy and Mineral Resources indicating that you
were appointed by Mr Ausserer to be the beneficiary of these funds When the
claim is approved you as the beneficiary will be paid the sum of USD$26.426M
The money will be paid directly to any bank of your choice you will have the
responsibility to ensure that my partner and I receive 70% of the money while
you keep the remaining 25% for your assistance The remaining 5% will be for
incidental expenses I want to assure you that my partner and I are in a
position to make the payment of this claim possible provided that you can give
us very strong guarantee that our share will be secured and that you will not
take advantage of our position Be assured that there is absolutely nothing to
worry about in the view of this claim It is perfectly safe with no risks
involved and it is not subject to any inquiry since my partner and I will be
handling the claim directly in South Africa on your behalf I do hope my
proposal is acceptable to you Please acknowledge the receipt of this letter so
that I can provide you with more clarification about the claim and how we
intend to make this deal beneficial to everyone involved Please reach me at
the above E-mail Address
Yours Sincerely
Alex Moroka

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