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qos with openbsd

i am using an openbsd (3.1) machine with 3 nics for a router for dsl type 
connections (no firewalling, just routing).  on one of the networks we are 
adding cisco voip equipment and with voip i need to be able to do some qos on 
the packets heading to the network.  here is the setup

       openbsd   ------------- cisco callmanager
      /               \
    /                  \
data             voice & data
                     cisco router
                     cisco switch
                     cisco ip phone - pc

cisco router is a 1750 with two fastethernet interfaces and 2 fx0 ports
i can do qos on the cisco router for outbound traffic and lan traffic using 
class-maps to set the voice packets to have a class of service of 5 and all 
data packets to have a default class of service and be fair-queued.  but this 
is for outbound traffic only.  i need to be able to apply qos to inbound 
traffic from the openbsd router to the cisco router.  is this even possible?  
any links to any howtos or examples would be appreciated.

Chad Whitten
Network/Systems Administrator
Nexband Communications

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