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Re: personal web page

On Tuesday, Nov 12, 2002, at 00:57 US/Pacific, Tibor Strausz wrote:

but than a user has to add his stuff to /var/www/users/
isn't it nicer the let him add stuff to
/home/me/public_html ???

This was just discussed to death here.

ln -s /var/www/users/me /home/me/public_html

See http://www.stanford.edu/~tedu/apache.html for additional info.


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On Tue, Nov 12, 2002 at 08:54:11AM +0100, Tibor Strausz wrote:
Ok i set up apache and it works fine :-)
now i tried making my personal web page /home/me/public_html
i did this:
UserDir public_html

but when i do lynx localhost/~me/ i get an error 404 not found
but i have a /home/me/public_html/index.html file

Since apache is chrooted, it cannot see /home/me/public_html. If you look in httpd.conf, you'll see that the suggested solution is to give users a directory in /var/www/users/.

Or you could disable chrooting.

Soren Jacobsen

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