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Re: ADB (An alternative to DJB CDB)

On Monday, Nov 11, 2002, at 17:46 US/Pacific, Jonathan Walther wrote:

On Mon, Nov 11, 2002 at 10:15:30PM -0200, Gustavo Vieira Gon?alves Coelho Rios
i am writing to let you known i have just release my set of utilities,
labeled adb, to help you accomplish task with constant database. For
those of us that dislike djb license agreement, this may be considered a
serious alternative. My license agreement is the old and good
traditional BSD.

Thank you. I've been wanting this for ages now; there is some software I
could not release because of djb's non-licensing terms.

How about renaming it to "constantdb", so it doesn't conflict with cdb
or adb?  Or you could just call it "cdb" and be done with it...then
people could drop it in directly in place of existing djb-cdb

Or maybe call it "freecdb"

Or opencdb.