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ADB (An alternative to DJB CDB)

Hi folks,

i am writing to let you known i have just release my set of utilities,
labeled adb, to help you accomplish task with constant database. For
those of us that dislike djb license agreement, this may be considered a
serious alternative. My license agreement is the old and good
traditional BSD.

Since DJB software deserves all respect, mine is the same (if not
better) level of quality. Like the following, but not limited to:

Fast lookups: a succesful lookup in a large database normall takes just
two access, an unsuccessfull takes only one.
Low overhead: each database takes only 2048 bytes plus 24 bytes (at
most) per register. 
Fast database creation: building an entire database is even faster than
2 orders of magnitude of any other db builder 
Fast database dumps: dumpin' a database is very fast. Output is 100%
compatible again adbmake input format specification. 
Atomic database replacement: a database built by adbmake can be
atomically replaced by an external entity. 

And more like:

Efficient memory utilization
--------- ------ -----------

All client that wish to access the same region of the database will
share the memory required to. Of course, this is done totally
transparent to the programmer, reducing the amount of required memory to
locate a register.
The proccess of building a database is very sensible the the lack o main
memory, allowing a better flexibility build very large database in such
environment were the availability of main memory is reduced.

The whole program is very very small. The reading interface too, it does
not impact you client utilities using the library.


Strictly follows POSIX/ANSI C standard to assure maximum usability over
crossed plataforms. Reducing overhead required to keep software in
heterogeneous environments.

CPU Utilization
--- -----------

Building a database is very fast. Dumpin' too. Evaluating the database
distance vector is even (a lot)faster.


Of course, an absolut requirement! I don't expect nobody to report
reliability errors, since it was designed with correctness in mind first
of all. But be warned: i have proved it correct, but not tested it. It
was just release.

Feel free to use it as you see it fit. And if you think you got a very
high level of satisfaction using it, i would be glad the be notificated
by email.

Are you interested? Try this: http://www.rootshell.be/~grios

I do hope you enjoy using adb.

Best regards.

That's all folks!