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Re: deleting pkgs with paths...

And yet this is irrelevant.
The shell, no matter what it is, passes along
the full path that you specify.  If this contains

pkg_delete won't work.  That's fine.
But the FreeBSD version will detect and remove the /var/db/pkg/
component leaving the (desired) "pkg_delete python-2.1.3"

And bash/zsh make visible to you what it being passed to
the command anyhow.  "echo /etc/h*"
echo is being passed a list of files in etc that start with h.
Shell basics.

Quoting Sebastian Stark (seb_(_at_)_todesplanet_(_dot_)_de):
> On Sat, Nov 09, 2002 at 09:29:53AM -0800, Chuck Yerkes wrote:
> > It's not huge, it's not insurmountable, but it's
> > a nice detail that I can use file completion or
> > whatever to get that package deleted.  Sort of
> > a feature request, I guess.
> You can use zsh, which has pkg completion for the pkg_* commands:
> devel ~ % sudo pkg_delete <tab>
> devel ~ % sudo pkg_delete ImageMagick-5.2.9
> Completing package name
> ATI-             jdk-blackdown-1.2pre2    pth-1.4.1              
> ImageMagick-5.2.9        jpeg-6b                  python-2.1.3           
> Xaw3d-1.5                jpilot-0.99.2            python-2.2.1           
> aalib-1.2                kde-i18n-de-3.0.3        python-tkinter-2.2.1   
> [...]
> (note that for me it's <tab> but the completion key is configurable.)
> Some may find zsh broken but it has some valuable features.
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