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problem with seemingly random lockups on a pentium coppermine 900


I have a 1U rackmount Pentium Coppermine 900 mhz machine. It's been running OpenBSD since
2.9 or so. I recently upgraded it to 3.2-stable. It appears to have a problem with randomly locking up.
The machine is co-located so I can't go poke at it when it drops off the network. It stops
responding to network traffic (no replies to pings). The ISP staff today told me that the machine
(which has been locked up for 3-4 days now) is presenting the normal login prompt but
is unresponsive to keyboard input. Rebooting the machine always brings it up again and it seems fine
until this happens again.. it's been happening on and off over the past year or so. The machine
has just had a new motherboard put in (broken onboard nics) a couple of weeks ago so I'm
fairly sure that at least is ok.

The current theories are : bad RAM or overheating

are their tools for openbsd i can use to check the ram or to monitor the motherboard/cpu temp ?

thanks very much