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Re: Colour in xterm on another host

* Lars Hansson <lars_(_at_)_unet_(_dot_)_net_(_dot_)_ph> [11-11-2002 12:18]:

> > I tried this (also xterm-color), but with no luck. I am not running
> > X on the OpenBSD machine. I use X on a different machine and start
> > an xterm there to log in over ssh. Would you in this situatuon also
> > suggest to create the Xdefaults file?
> The behaviour should be pretty much the same.

I created the .Xdefaults file on my desktop system. I now get nice
colours when logged in to OpenBSD. It doesn't seem to hurt any of
the sessions I have to other systems.

Should I ever have trouble with this setting, I'll try to
investigate further, but for now I'm happy.


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