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Re: softupdates

On Sunday, Nov 10, 2002, at 20:12 US/Pacific, Andrew Pinski wrote:

On Sunday, Nov 10, 2002, at 18:49 US/Pacific, Greg Thomas wrote:

I ran across this in the archives for setting up softupdates on root but was wondering if this necessary:

"The  method I use to setup the softdep of / is

1. boot -s
2. mount /
3. tunefs -n enable /
4. reboot"

This is the old way of enabling softupdates, a non-dynamic way of enabling it.
It was changed now to be able do with an option of mount.

man tunefs lists an -n option but it appears to be related to average number of files per directory.

Anyway, I'm having some random crashes during "tar -xvzpf"s with softupdates enabled and was just looking around to see if anybody had similar problems or trying to figure out if I have a hardware problem. No ddb info at the moment. This is with i386 3.2-stable, dmesg below:

I do not think any one can help you if you do not have the ddb info available.

Yep, I know, I've been extracting tar files and removing directories all day and no problems. I really see a huge difference in performance between mounting with softdep and mounting without. It's kind of worrisome hardware-wise that I haven't been able to recreate the issue today after it happened twice yesterday on this new, cheapo test machine.


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