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Apache (-u), PHP4, OpenBSD 3.2

Ok, I have PHP4 core and extensions installed from ports and I've added the php4-pgsql-4.2.3.tgz extension.

Many of my old PHP pages work fine but some don't so I'm currently running '/usr/sbin/httpd -u' until I'm done troubleshooting.

Here's a snippet for example:

<p><font color="#333333" size=+1>The current date and time is: <?php print(date("l F dS Y h:i:s A"));?>
<?php print(strftime("%Z"));?>.
<p>Your browser: <?php echo $HTTP_USER_AGENT;?>

Which prints out:
The current date and time is: Sunday November 10th 2002 02:09:57 AM PST.
Your browser:

So the print function works fine but it appears variables like $HTTP_USER_AGENT aren't being passed from Apache to the PHP module (nor are variables from POST operations, either).

The above and my other PHP pages work fine with OpenBSD 3.0 and PHP 4.0.x. Since one of the two things that I have upgraded is OpenBSD I figured I'd check here to see if I'm missing something.

Thanks, Greg