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Bootable Sparc64 cd?

My company has recently come across a bunch of Sun Ultra 1's with UltraI 167's
in them, with no VGA display or floppy drives. They do however have considerable
ram and hd space (Most of them are 128M/4G scsi), and cd drives. I've been
searching the mailing list archives and google all day for information on making
Sparc64 bootable cd's. I've looked at the NetBSD info on doing this, and I'm not
sure if the mkisofs / mksunbootcd way they recommend is the right way for
OpenBSD. Nothing I've done seems to work. What I've done so far with the
sparc64/ dir form the ftp:

mkisofs -o output.iso -l -J -r -L *.* / mksunbootcd output.iso floppy32.fs /
burn to cd  - Sun OpenBOOT can't read disklabel

mkisofs -l -r -L -o cd.iso -b floppy32.fs -c boot.catalog -B
floppy32.fs,floppy32.fs,floppy32.fs,floppy32.fs,floppy32.fs *.* / no mksunbootcd
/ burn - OpenBOOT can't read disklabel

Any help would be appreciated,

-Joe Kellner

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