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Re: x11 help

tuna (tuna_(_at_)_nudecow_(_dot_)_net) wrote:
> I've been having this problem all too frequently with OpenBSD and X Windows. Sometimes my X server crashes which I'm well aware of why, (shitty support for a particular driver) and when it does I can't seem to be able to display _anything_ in console mode. The system is still responding because I can still login (note that I am doing this without actually seeing what I'm typing) and reboot the system. Is there a way to reset the display so I can at least start x again without having to reboot to see something on the screen?
> thanks in advance

I have encountered this problem also, to get X back on track you can do                                                                                               
the following trick, log from a remote computer and ssh to the local                                                                                                  
box, then start X again and your X Server will come back. But if you                                                                                                  
close the X server the normal way, you still won't get the console back