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Re: Keeping configuration files under version control.

On Thu, 7 Nov 2002 02:46:09 -0000
Stephen Marley <stephen_(_at_)_openkast_(_dot_)_com> wrote:

> How does everyone do it?
> I've got my dotfiles under cvs with a makefile to distribute them to
> /etc/skel and $home. For other standalone config files like pf.conf and
> httpd.conf I just use this one-line script to keep an RCS history of changes
> and edit the files in situ:
> % cat =submit
> #!/bin/sh
> [ -d RCS ] || mkdir RCS && ci $1 && co -l $1
> Any other techniques out there?

I use CVS. All the interesting parts of my filesystem (/etc, /home, /root ...) are CVS working directories

This can be done without deleting everything and then doing a cvs checkout (which would be a bit tricky): Create a CVS repository and cvs import /etc. Then cvs checkout everything to a temporary place, from which you copy just the CVS directories (and their contents) into the corresponding places in /etc. Then delete the checkout directory - it's only function was to provide the CVS directories.

Usefully, after the cvs import, the cvs repository files have the same permissions as the originals, so cvs commit of things in /etc requires a su to root.

- Julian