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Re: help with serial console.

On Thu, Nov 07, 2002 at 12:33:41AM +0000, TapRoot420 wrote:
> echo "set tty com0" /etc/boot.conf
> As the machine was starting to boot it switched over to com0 with
> the message
> "switching console over to com0"
> Hyper terminal indeed was getting the console signal, and i was
> watching it boot, start daemons ie. ssh etc...
> When it got to the end of the boot cycle when it list the date,
> the console switched back over to the ttyC0. I was unable to issue
> any commands via hyper terminal but the regular console was working
> fine.

Changing boot.conf only sets the serial device to be the boot console.
To be able to log in on the serial port, you need to edit /etc/ttys.

See: http://www.seifried.org/oag/advanced-system-management/

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