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Re: toooo little space

Apache is part of the distribution.

>From source?

/etc/mk.conf and SKIPDIR is your friend.
I don't build/install BIND (I use 9), yp*, PPP or SLIP, or
several other things for the general machine.

Several projects for stripped down BSDs exist, see the archives.
Mostly I use this sort of thing for embedded boxes (16MB of Compact

If it's a desktop or server, last I looked, 80GB disks were under $100.
That means that 4GB disks are around for free or in the trash.

Disk space is almost free.  If that's your problem then don't waste
time working around it, get disk.

Quoting Saad Kadhi (bsdguy_(_at_)_docisland_(_dot_)_org):
> On Wed, Nov 06, 2002 at 01:38:17PM -0700, Nathaniel Fisher wrote:
> > Can anyone tell me how to remove program that were installed during the
> > instalation, like apache...i dont use this and i need the space.  Apperantly
> > it not a package acording to pkg_info.  In fact it looks like all the programs
> > on the system were installed from source.  Any other tips on saving space
> > would help.
> AFAIK the simplest way is to make your own release or strip the installation
> tarballs to what u need. If you choose this path, see the archives.