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Re: ugen #

> Hello, ppl...
> I am trying to install a bloody usb modem to connect to the Italian 
> Telecom's ADSL
> called Alice.
> Italian Telecom gives by default an usb modem called "web power ADSL", made by
> an italian firm from Naples (called IPM Datacom) and primarily based 

I did some research on this subject. all i know is that the only usb
modem that works with openbsd/freebsd/netbsd/linux is the alcatel
speedtouch usb. maybe other modem with the same chipset may work but i'm
really not sure at all. look for the speedtouch project on sourceforge
for other informations

i'm currently using a speedtouch home (ethernet) with tiscali and it
works great. i would suggest you to ask telecom to replace your modem
with an ethernet one



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