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Re: Crashes (follow up)

As I mentioned in my last posting on this subject. I've had very good 
results with the Netgear FA311 (sis0) NICS which I've used to replace 
those SMC EPII cards that were causing crashes under OBSD. Cost was 
sort of an issue since the SMC cards weren't exactly cheap when I got 
them. The paid $21.00 a piece for the FA311 NICs I bought.


On Tuesday 05 November 2002 10:01 am, uid0-33_(_at_)_catastrophe_(_dot_)_net wrote:
> After doing some troubleshooting, it looks like my problem with the
> system crashing and giving me stray interrupts on IRQ 7 is definitely
> a hardware problem with my SMC cards. I'm going to head out tonight
> and get a couple more; if anyone can recommend, what they think, is
> the best card to run under OpenBSD, maybe we can start some more
> flame wars :)
> Thanks for the help.
> -#0
> keywords: smc network card problem stray interrupt 7 openbsd hang

Anthony Schlemmer