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Re: Crashes

I had this problem with one of my systems freezing and I would see that 
"stray Interrupt 7" message left on the system console. In my case the 
system was my OpenBSD 3.1-stable build server and it was crashing 
everytime I tried to "scp" my OpenBSD releases off of it. 

I ended up replacing the SMC Etherpower II NIC in the system with a 
cheap Netgear FA311 NIC instead. The NIC swap has solved all of my 
problems and the system has been quite stable and I have no more 
problems to report. 


On Monday 04 November 2002 17:45 pm, uid0-33_(_at_)_catastrophe_(_dot_)_net wrote:
> On Mon, 2002-11-04 at 18:52:29 -0600, Andy Isaacson wrote...
> ' Are you in X?  If not, is the console blanked?  Does the caps-lock
> key ' still make the LED light up?  Does the machine ping?  If you
> leave ' something running, does it stop?  (Granted, if the screen is
> locked it ' can be hard to answer that last one.)
> Ok, I'm not in X. It's just a machine acting as a router. The console
> doesn't go blank, just the message about a stray interrupt 7.
> Everything on the machine stops (this is definitely related to either
> pf or isakmpd as I was sync'ed up from a Windows XP machine to the
> router via IPSec). I can't ping the machine. There are no keyboard
> lights on (num lock won't turn on, etc..).
> Whatcha thinking?
> -#0

Anthony Schlemmer