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Re: nagios/netsaint

On Mon, Nov 04, 2002 at 05:22:57PM -0300, Eduardo Augusto Alvarenga wrote:
> Any issues regarding Nagios X Apache+chroot (3.2) ? I've tryied to
> acomplish this mix and it only worked out with 'httpd -u'. I've managed
> several manners to make it work (Yes. I have ./configured it correctlly
> in the chroot jail) but got only got Apache's CGI errors (the nagios
> debug is not that good).

I haven't had the chance to try, yet...  Been out of town
and am waiting patiently for my CD set.  :)  It will be one
of the first servers I configure once I get the CD's (or when
I get impatient and just do a net install), so I'll try to
remember to report back on what I have to do to get it working.


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