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Re: device errors on wd0, wd1

On Mon, Nov 04, 2002 at 09:03:24AM -0700, Todd C. Miller wrote:
> In message <1036422441_(_dot_)_4039_(_dot_)_1_(_dot_)_camel_(_at_)_sanchobox>
> 	so spake Darren Spruell (darren_spruell):
> > I am still doubtful that it is actually a HDD related issue at this
> > point. Had it been one drive acting this way, I'd be inclined to think
> > that it is a hard disk error, possibly bad sectors as Saad suggested.
> > The fact that the same errors suddenly showed up on two physical drives
> > at roughly the same time has me thinking something else, possibly mobo,
> > possibly something else. Odd, indeed.
> You might try running the manufacturer's diagnostics on the drives.
> I know Maxtor has a bootable floppy that contains a diag tool, I
> don't know about Western Digital.
I had the problem 4 times:
- 2 were due to bad sectors
- 1 was due to a bad cable
- 1 was due to a hosed controller

But the diag tool[1] doesn't really tell you if there is a bad cable/controller

[1] at least the IBM one.
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