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How to secure a wireless bridge?

Greetings all,

I'm having some conceptual trouble determining how I can use IPsec to secure a wireless bridge setup I have. This whole situation is plagued with pain for me as I determined that my current (somewhat antique) wireless bridge equipment, Aironet BRE500's, are ***not*** capable of doing WEP at 11Mbps. This apparently has to do with the crummy radio card it uses. Ugh!

Anyhow, I desperately need to secure these units. Right now they are running entirely in bridge only mode creating a bridge between two facilities using the same subnet. I got really excited by the IPsec bridge capabilities outlined in the man page for brconfig but am now conceptually stumped as to how I might implement this as the units are merely bridging the subnet together and work regardless of IP's at the moment... meaning, the wireless units are not acting as routers where traffic hits them at a certain IP and is forwarded on to the other, they're just bridged.



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