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minicom doesn't response key press

I installed OpenBSD 3.2 as my home gateway. 
1. I selected base32.tgz, etc32.tgz, bsd from the
install program. 
2. I used "pkg_add" to install minicom-2.00.0p1.tgz
from /pub/OpenBSD/3.2/packages/i386
3. I add user "gavin" to gavin, dialer, wheel and
4. login as root, I do "minicom -s" to setup minicom
5. exit from minicom by press <Ctrl>AQ and select not
reset connection, it didn't return to prompt,
6. press <Ctrl><alt>F2 to another console, login as
root, "kill -9 minicom-id"
7. press <Ctrl><alt>F1, go back to previous console,
and found the prompt displays.
8. logout root, login as gavin, run "minicom"
9. press <Ctrl>AZ, I got help screen, exit from
10. it didn't display prompt, so do step 6,7 and get
prompt back.
11. run minicom again, press <Ctrl>AZ, no help screen,
press any key, no response, can NOT exit from minicom
12. do step 6,
13. run "ps aux" found minicom changed to (minicom),
The State( or Flag) is SE+, try "kill -9 minicom-id",
can NOT kill minicom
14. check /var/spool/lock, only the tty01 is locked,
so "rm -f /var/spool/lock/*"
15. reboot
16. login as gavin
17. do "minicom", no matter I press any key, there is
no response, and can NOT exit from minicom, the tty01
is locked.

Please help me solve this problem. What's wrong did I
do? I used minicom in OpenBSD 3.0, It worked fine, but
It didn't work correctly since 3.1. I want to install
OpenBSD on my Sparc, I don't have keyboard and monitor
for the Sparc, I can only use serial console to

By the way, How can I send a break to Sparc use
windows Hyperterminal? I pressed <Break>,
<Shift><Break>, <Ctrl><Break>, <Alt><Break>, it
doesn't send a break like <Ctrl>AF in the minicom.

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