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Re: UK ADSL - Speedtouch Modem Initialisation

To all that have given assistance, a huge thankyou.  I can now get my
Alcatel modem to dial and sync and IP works fine.  Now its time for  ip
forwarding and pf !!  At least I know where to come for great advice

Once again, many thanks to the all who helped......Dan

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On Sat, 2 Nov 2002 13:58:44 -0000
"Dan Marks" <dan_(_dot_)_marks_(_at_)_freeuk_(_dot_)_com> wrote:

> Thanks for the tip.  I tried that and now the mystery deepens.  When I

> run the full pash I get the following :
> pusb_search_open : couldn't open device /dev/ugen0.00
> I couldn't find the ADSL modem
> I've seen this before on the lists so I've checked in /dev and sure 
> enough ugen0 does not exist.  When I check dmesg after boot I can see 
> the following.
> ugen0 @ uhub0 port 1
> ugen0 : ALCATEL Speed Touch USB. Rev 1.10/0.00. addr 2
> I believe that tells me that the modem is visible to the system but I 
> don't understand why it doesn't appear in /dev.

I had the same problem. I manually created the device node with:

    cd /dev
    ./MAKEDEV ugen0

[I think maybe it is not created automatically if the ADSL modem is not
plugged in when the system boots?]

Incidently, I've been using an ALCATEL ADSL modem for months now with
Pipex and OpenBSD 3.1, so you might find looking at my setup helpful:

I built the speedtouch modem_run code within my home dir.

In /etc/rc.local:
    /home/jules/speedtouch/bin/modem_run -f
/home/jules/speedtouch/speedmgmt-1.3.3/mgmt/mgmt.o -m -v 2

To start ppp in foreground:
    ppp -foreground adsl

My ppp.conf file has:

     set log chat phase
     set authname ***
     set authkey ***
     set device !"/usr/local/bin/pppoa2 -vpi 0 -vci 38 -v 0"
     accept chap
     set speed sync
     set timeout 0
     enable lqr
     set lqrperiod 5
     set redial random 0
     set dial ""
     set ifaddr
     add default HISADDR

Hope that helps,

- Julian