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Re: Slow NIC(s)

Hello Chris,

This sounds familiar to me from my wireless LAN extension project days. We
had what was supposed to be a 10 Mb/s FULL DUPLEX wireless link but we could
not get near that performance through it and we saw lots of collisions on
that switch port. We solved the problem by forcing the switch port to 10
Mb/s full duplex and the problem went away. The collision light on a switch
port should be a giveaway because there are very few cases which will result
in a collision in this situation. It is hard to have a head on accident on a
divided highway as an analogy.

 Shaun Sturby, MCSE

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Watching the lights on my switch, when xl0 sends -locally-, it shows
that there are a number of collisions -only- on the port directly
connected to the server. For some reason I wasn't able to run around to
the back of the cabinet in time to see fxp0 send. It may or may not have
had the same problem.

netstat -i doesn't show any collisions.

Something I didn't mention last time, the switch this is all going
through is a Netgear FS108. It was suggested it may have problems with
buffering. I couldn't tell you if that were the case, but maybe someone
here knows more about this switch than I do.


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