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Re: PHP "Flavors"

At 08:45 PM 10/31/2002, you wrote:
It goes the other way now. To do it cleanly, I've found you have to
build the core directory first, then switch to the extensions directory
and use the flavors, then do PEAR if you want it. When I try to do it
all in /usr/ports/www/php4, I get errors, so I just do it in each

I took the approach of editing the top makefile to build without the extensions I didn't want. Such as ...

SUBDIR += core
#SUBDIR += extensions
SUBDIR +=extensions,no_x11,no_bz2,no_curl,no_dba,no_dbase,no_domxml, \
no_filepro,no_gd,no_gmp,no_ldap,no_mcrypt,no_mhash,no_mysql,no_ncurses, \
SUBDIR += pear

This was to build only what i needed for Squirrelmail.