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Re: VIA C3 and USB "pen drive" questions

Thanks for the input everyone.
I'll probably give one of these boards a try, considdering my current box is
a P2-233 MHz I suspect performance will get a pretty decent increase even
with the lackluster IPC of the C3 :)


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Subject: Re: VIA C3 and USB "pen drive" questions

> And secondly, has any tried using one of those USB pen things to boot
> OpenBSD? Just the installation floppy that is, would be kinda smooth
> bring one with you and just plug it in and boot. Besides, they range
> storage capacity from 16 to 128 MB as far as I know, so one could even
> include some skeleton configuration files and such.

they even range up to 1024MB. ie, lots of space for everything you need.

- christer