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Re: Troublesome autoselect with 3c905 (was: Re: slow NFSd on i386?)


> I have the problem on cisco as well. The symptoms are a bit different
> though. Instead of refusing to work, it has up to 70% packet loss.
> Tried various autoselection / forced settings, but the problem
> persisted. Anyway, Henning Brauer pointed me to some code or some
> workarounds, as found in the icsphy reset code. I'll be trying that
> out this weekend, hopefully sooner.

did you get any results? I have this same problem (3c905B-TX stuck at 10
Mbps till I plug the cable and re-insert it). My switch is a D-Link

At the moment, I'm installing the 3rd october snapshot via http from a
local server and the poor transfer rates seems to show lot of packet

A solution to this problem would be very helpful. Please contact me, if
you need any further system information (dmesg, etc).


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