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Re: Mount CD-RW?

On Wed, Oct 30, 2002 at 04:21:13AM +0100, Janko van Roosmalen wrote:

> This
> file system (UDF) allows you to treat the CD as a R/W medium.

Well, you mean more like a disk than a CD-RW, right?

> As far as I know support
> for UDF is still not available for BSD's and/or Linuxes.



> You also can burn a standard ISO 9660 file image on a CD-RW. In this way
> it is logically equivalent to a 'normal' CD. The physical difference is
> that you can rewrite another ISO 9660 file system on it.

No.  UDF has nothing to do with ISO 9660.  From the specs available
at http://www.osta.org/ ...

NOTE: The disc may also include the ISO 9660 file system.  If the disc
contains both UDF and ISO 9660 file systems it shall be know as a 
"UDF Bridge" disc.  This "UDF Bridge" disc will allow playing DVD-ROM
media in computers, which may inly support ISO 9660.  As UDF computer
implementations are provided, the need for ISO 9660 will disappear,
and future disks should contain only UDF.


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