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82845 rng

has anybody got an 82845 based intel board with 
the intel rng on it?  just wondering if
this works under openbsd.  the pchb.c file currently

               case PCI_PRODUCT_INTEL_82810E_MCH:
                case PCI_PRODUCT_INTEL_82810_DC100_MCH:
                case PCI_PRODUCT_INTEL_82810_MCH:
                case PCI_PRODUCT_INTEL_82815_DC100_HUB:
                case PCI_PRODUCT_INTEL_82815_NOAGP_HUB:
                case PCI_PRODUCT_INTEL_82815_NOGRAPH_HUB:
                case PCI_PRODUCT_INTEL_82815_FULL_HUB:
                case PCI_PRODUCT_INTEL_82820_MCH:
                case PCI_PRODUCT_INTEL_82840_HB:
                case PCI_PRODUCT_INTEL_82850_HB:
                case PCI_PRODUCT_INTEL_82860_HB:
                        sc->bt = pa->pa_memt;
                        if (bus_space_map(sc->bt, I82802_IOBASE, I82802_IOSIZE,
                            0, &sc->bh))

                        /* probe and init rng */
                        if (!(bus_space_read_1(sc->bt, sc->bh,
                            I82802_RNG_HWST) & I82802_RNG_HWST_PRESENT))

which doesn't explicity list the 82845, but i thought perhaps it
might show up as an 82840 or 82850 instead.  two manufacturers
(EPox and Supermicro) claim to be selling 845 chipset
based boards with the RNG in it, but who knows if that's for
real or not.