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Re: OpenBSD Printing Questions

I've installed "apsfilter" and it works very well with my OBSD print 
server. It handles Postscript output from my Linux and other BSD 
systems and also handles Windows systems that access the printer via 

I needed to install Ghostscript so I could print PostScript output to my  
non-PostScript HP 4P printer. I also found that I needed to install the 
"a2ps" package which formats ASCII text for postscript printers. 
Without the "a2ps" package installed I got an error when I tried to 
print an ASCII file.


On Monday 28 October 2002 06:59 am, Dave Feustel wrote:
> I now have practically everything I need working on OpenBSD 3.1
> running KDE 2.2 but printing. I have the print spooler installed and
> working, and it prints ascii text properly. I have read the material
> on HP Laserjets and pcl at http://www.linuxprinting.org. My
> understanding is that printers accept 3 kinds of data: raw ascii,
> Postscript and PCL. Unix programs generate printer output in a
> variety of formats(Postscript, PDF, DVI, etc). If a file format not
> supported natively by the printer is to be printed properly, then the
> formatted data must be processed by a filter which converts the
> unsupported (by the printer) format to a supported format(PCL in my
> case).
> The default printer output for Unix programs generating formatted
> output appears to me to be Postscript. Since my HP 2100 printer has
> no Postscript interpreter, I need to add a filter to convert files
> containing Postscript-formatted data to  PCL(6 if possible). I think
> Ghostscript may include a Postscript-to-PCL converter, but at this
> point my understanding of what I need to do to get my printer to
> properly print output from Konqueror, Ghostview, etc. gets very hazy.
> KDE has a print manager, but I don't think the print manager includes
> the conversion filters.
> What filter(s) do I need to add to my lpr spooler to properly print
> output from KDE and Konqueror as well as PDF files?
> Thanks,

Anthony Schlemmer

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