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OpenBSD Printing Questions

I now have practically everything I need working on OpenBSD 3.1 running KDE 2.2
but printing. I have the print spooler installed and working, and it prints ascii text properly.
I have read the material on HP Laserjets and pcl at http://www.linuxprinting.org.
My understanding is that printers accept 3 kinds of data: raw ascii, Postscript
and PCL. Unix programs generate printer output in a variety of formats(Postscript, 
PDF, DVI, etc). If a file format not supported natively by the printer is to be printed
properly, then the formatted data must be processed by a filter which converts the
unsupported (by the printer) format to a supported format(PCL in my case).

The default printer output for Unix programs generating formatted output
appears to me to be Postscript. Since my HP 2100 printer has no Postscript
interpreter, I need to add a filter to convert files containing Postscript-formatted
data to  PCL(6 if possible). I think Ghostscript may include a Postscript-to-PCL 
converter, but at this point my understanding of what I need to do to get my printer
to properly print output from Konqueror, Ghostview, etc. gets very hazy. 
KDE has a print manager, but I don't think the print manager includes the 
conversion filters.

What filter(s) do I need to add to my lpr spooler to properly print output from KDE
and Konqueror as well as PDF files? 

Dave Feustel

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