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Re: MAC spoofing

On 27 Oct 2002, at 14:37, Mans Scholten wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm quite the n00b as far as OpenBSD is concerned, but with the help of
> openbsd.org's online manual and some friende I've managed to set up a
> webserver except for one little thing; my ISP has a MAC-address in it's
> database, but I would like to use an ethernetcard with another MAC-address.
> Unfortunately, my ISP doesn't permit this... I wondered if it would be
> possible to spoof the MAC-address of the card that I would like to use
> instead, without having to recompile the entire kernel or take similar drastic
> actions :) (cause I AM a n00b).
> Hopefully you can help me out,
> many thanks in advance,
> M.

look for file named sea.c... you will find it on google


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