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OpenBSD NAT, Proxy, ques

I recently got hold of an old compaq proliant 3260 server, it's a huge
old cool machine, well anyway it's running OpenBSD 2.8. 

Before i 'scrub' it and decide what *NIX to put in it, i thought i would 
at least, play around with it and OBSD. I have never run OBSD
(Debian and Red Hat) so i thought it would be good experience, i
know that OBSD is a good networking choice because of security. 

This machine was apparently a NAT, proxy server for someone.
It has two nic, cards (NE 2000, D-Link PnP). This is also what 
i would like to use it for as well at home. I have a cable connection
and would like to set this up to take my incoming cable connection then
offer that connection to the other 3 computers in my internal vlan.

I have read the FAQ's and probably missed something, but i've had no 
success, any help would be greatly appreciated.
from what i've read. 

# get dynamic ip from cable co.

# set internal vlan, for all to connect
inet NONE media autoselect

interface "ne1" {
	supersede domain-name "me.com";
	supersede host-name "iam";
	supersede subnet-maski, broadcast-address, time-offset, routers,
	domain-name, domain-name-servers, host-name, lpr-servers, ntp-servers;
	media autoselect;
send dhcp-lease-time 3600;
send host-name "iam";

ne1 # ?

/etc/hosts localhost me.com

# this is the MAC address of 'ne1'
.... -more errors, can't bind, etc
Listening on BPF/ne1/00:00:1b:4d:76:3a/unattached 
Sending on BPF/ne1/00:00:1b:4d:76:3a/unattached  
.... etc

I would be 'semi-happy' to just get a dynamic ip from my provider, to start
If you respond please 'cc' me, as i am new to this list and might forget
to check it. Thank you.


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