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Oct 3rd snapshot to 3.2-stable

Hi all,

Um, how upgradeable is the Oct 3rd (i386) snapshot for upgrading to

I have a client that created a machine with that snapshot with the
intent to go to 3.2-stable.  When they asked me for my opinion on that I
just said "Uh... I don't know... I'll get back to you."

(I am aware of the "rules" that say snapshots are for tracking -current
and don't even try to downgrade from -current to -stable.)

So is a machine running the Oct 3 (i386) snapshot:

1) Cleanly source upgradeable via 'make build' or...
2) Forget the source, upgradeable via the 3.2 tarballs when they're
released or...
3) Hosed.  Either track -current or start over with a fresh install.