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recommendation for athlon motherboard

I have a MSI K7T266Pro2 motherboard that is dying, so I was hoping some
people would be kind enough to offer any suggestions on what works well
with OpenBSD.  Specifically, it needs to:

- accept Athlon XP+ processors
- accept registered ECC PC2100 DDR RAM
- do interrupt routing correctly *very important*

I can't use DMA transfers on my second IDE controller because no IRQs
are mapped.  Also, pcmcia adapters (cbb) for use with pcmcia wifi (wi)
adapters do not get an IRQ mapped to them.  I've had these problems
since I have had the board, they're not related to it's degradation.

If you own a board that fits these requirements and have used cbb/wi
devices & have working DMA with both ide controllers, I'd really
appreciate it if you let me know the manufacturer & model so I can make
a better decision when buying hardware this time around.


- avon