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Re: Athlon/GigE hardware prefs

Building a server... I would play it safe and stick to the hcl,


grab one of the listed adapters and save yourself some headache :)

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Subject: Athlon/GigE hardware prefs

Apologies for the FAQ, but the landscape has changed since I last 
built a server & a client of mine has just signed off on an ancient 

I'm looking to build an Athlon server with gigabit ethernet & I'm 
wondering what hardware is preferred for OpenBSD 3.2. I was 
originally planning on going with an MSI K7-Master mobo, but that's 
been discontinued for a while now. I was also looking at the D-Link 
DGE-500T GigE card, but people seem to be running into problems with 
bge stuff. Any pointers to currently available stuff that's working 
well would be appreciated.

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